Friday, February 5, 2010

Ooh Vintage Bikes

Spotted at Bondi. I want!

It seems Sydney might just be making an effort to improve cycling around the city. Its a bit trickier than Melbourne, ie lots of hills, but the City of Sydney have announced developing a 200 kilometre network (including 55 kilometres of separated cycleways) that we are building to reduce road congestion, cut emission and improve public health.
To build this network the City has allocated $76 million over the next four years.

The City of Sydney has purchased the former T2 nightclub at Taylor Square.
Proposals for the site include a bicycle repair center, a bike shop, caf├ęs, and space for tour companies to operate and cycle groups to meet.

So what better time to get a gorgeous vintage bike.

I saw the top bike at the beach the other day and fell in love with it (I'm a bit obsessed with yellow with my name meaning it in Greek)
I then had a friend over for dinner the other night who had just bought the same one in white from Sydney Vintage Bikes- an ebay store specialising in importing 80s ladies bikes from the USA and restoring them.
She had called it Delilah and already has declared it her best friend.

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