Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Ran The Wrong Way

Yesterday was blessed by the little kick you get from a small world experience that makes you feel like all the pieces are fitting together.
I'd been meaning to head into a cute new store on Cleveland St I Ran The Wrong Way and only when another store didn't have what I was after did I remember about this new shop.

When I entered, I realised I had previously worked with owner and founder Melinda Tually as she is another filmy who has moved into the sustainable design industry. Mel set up the store on a whim after a friend kept pestering her to check out this great space for lease. I understand why- the architecture in itself has so much character, and Mel has added to that with a warm eclectic mix of second hand furniture acting as displays for the vast mix of products.
She stocks Keep Cups, Bio PLates, Bholu soft furnishings and more.
This tiny store is loaded with so many green products it feels like you could keep looking for hours and still find something new.

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