Thursday, January 14, 2010


I used to pop into the old Skipping Girl shop for a bit of fun on my way walking to my friend's house in Bondi. Sadly it is no longer there, but I discovered some very skipping girl looking products at Koskela last time I went there (on a tangent, I must write about Koskela).

It turns out Skipping girl has teamed up with a Peruvian woman to make a range of sustainable accessories, toys and homewares called Tika.
'Its aim is to combine the Peruvian women’s traditional knitting and crochet techniques with Allen’s own contemporary design skills to create a new and original range of lifestyle products.'
'At the Peruvian end of this unique partnership are 280 women from two of the capital’s most populated districts, Tres de Mayo and Cerro Candella. The aim is to help these people of the Candela district earn a sustainable income for them and their families.' (images and text from website)

Tika also has a whole section on their website in relation to their involvement in community development projects. Such an inspiration.

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