Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This is the first day of your life

Hooray for my first post!
I am an Art Director working in the film industry based in Sydney...this comes with it's ups and downs. I originally got into the film industry with this blind belief that it was a way of utilising art to change the world. Well that might not have actually happened but one great bonus is that as I am continually sourcing and searching I stumble across the most fantastic sustainable products constantly.
So Goodie is all about showcasing these amazing designers, artists, companies that are doing their bit to create beauty whilst considering the world that they are a part of. In various ways.

I was in Planet Furniture yesterday looking for some ceramic lamps and thought they are a wonderful place to start.
Planet's bespoke range is made using certified sustainably grown range timber from re-growth australian forests rather than old growth or rainforest timber. Their products are all made locally by handcraft, limited batch production and ethical practices.
And their shop always looks stunning!

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