Thursday, May 20, 2010

Studio Sam

Oh Goodie, it's been a long time... and I had just resigned myself that I may not come back, that was until my inspiring friend Megan said she still regularly visits to check if there is something new. I just needed that push to I realised I'm always stumbling along new bits and pieces. Just need to put them up!
I have always admired the sculptural black tables from Family of Sam as they stock them in Koskela.
What I didn't know is they make a whole range of products out of old books. They use the hard back covers for screens, pages for sculptural tables and gift cards out of the dust jackets. Not a bit of the old book goes to waste. I like this type of evolution.
Infact the whole company is inspiring. I love the prototypes page as it shows the fun that goes into thinking about product design.
Have a look Megs.

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